PORTER has been listed in USA, the symbol of which is ULNV. Under new economy globalization and big financial era, Porter, a digital financial operator, takes industrial cluster as its foundation, commercial services as its tool, and financial services as the core.

PORTER innovatively combines commercial real estate and E-commerce industry, so as to establish its O2O industrial cluster and big data financing platform mode, which is X finance (entity+internet). With “free operation + integrated service + finance incubation” as its core guidance, stereoscopically integration of “Industrial real estate + commercial and trade chain + E-commerce + financial capital”, it is committed to achieve capital publicity, credit and securitization through cross-industry convergence, to serve the companies around the world for mutual connection among corporations, market, trade, economic, development, so as to build up an everlasting chain O2O business expo, which is porter city.

With special cooperation zone of new economy as its core development mode, with O2O PORTERCITY projects as its foundation, with“Belt and Road “economic belt industry as its background, with development of regional industry cluster as its key, Porter initiates the independent research and development of innovative Portercity O2O business expo project which integrates the key factors of smart city of industry + commerce and trade + information + service + financing. with regional industrial cluster park as its core site selection, it will achieve project development and operation via the output of industry, brand, resource, technology and capital, so as to provide safety solution for commercial distribution, to provide services for brand growth of enterprises, to contribute the happiness to people’s lives, to provide comprehensive financial incubation services for wisdom city projects and industries as well as global developing manufacturing enterprises.

PORTER is realizing the global structure of global production, porter trade service and global consumption and promoting the new rules, new order and new environment of global trade and business. The market development space and scale is developing extremely rapidly from one hundred million to tens of hundred billions and even trillions yuan.