Business Model

Business Model



Integrated environmental management system

(parking, greening, lighting, radio...).

Business management integrated system

(coming to work, logging on the Internet, trade, computer, charging...).

Service platform integrated system

(e-government services, business services, CEO Service...).

Consumption services integrated system

(consumption, trading, complaints, and service...).  

Enterprise management integrated system

(attendance, communication, appraisal, office, communications...).

Meeting broadcast integrated system

(conference, broadcasting, reception, release, playback...).  

Data integration platform system

(big data, headquarters, integration, information)

Building smart control integrated system

(building, wall, hardware, equipment, computer room...). 

Comprehensive network integrated system

(road, bridge, culvert, hole, officer, frame, units, network...). 

Comprehensive energy management system

(water, electricity, gas, warm, platoon, lighting, illumination...).

Integrated security system

(security, access control, handling, transport, copy...).

Solid communication integration system

(TV, telephone, fax, intercom, video...)

Computer network systems

(storage center, internal and external network, local area network...).

Comprehensive integrated system online

(computer, television, mobile phones, WIFI, 4G…)