Business Model

Business Model



One-stop financial settlement integration: Integration of payment, electronic money, bills, financial settlement,etc. 

One-stop trade and service integration: online and offline synchronization display, retail, wholesale, order, trade; various brand rights, patent rights, operation rights, information rights , futures rights, rights to order and other equity warrants circulation trade integration. 

One-stop business service integration: Meeting and seminar, negotiation, social activity, business public relations, high-level training, merchants, project investment and financing, cultural exchange, trade broker, franchise chain, warehousing logistics, promotion, e-commerce, enterprise management, brand marketing integration. 

One-stop government affairs integration: Industry and commerce, public security, taxation, labor, customs affairs service integration. 

Financial service integration one-stop service: Credit, fund, trust, insurance, banking, mortgages, guarantees, pawn, bond, finance, audit, evaluation, market, stock trading, securities trading, patent trading, creditor's rights, auction, angel investors, venture capital, equity investment, the raise investment integration. 

Resources integration one-stop service: Fusion of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, medicine, martial arts, business, politics, school, society, capital and other high-end top resources.