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Porter 2017 Economic Year Draws a Complete Success

Recently, Porter Company solemnly held its meeting regarding working summary of 2017 and working plan of 2018. As an economic year, 2017 is an extraordinary year for Porter, in which Porter started its business from getting listed in the United States to holding a new economic summit in the U.S. and acquiring global asset and conducting project site visiting, etc. All those have attained fruitful results, and truly achieved the goal and blueprint for global innovative development in 2017.

The following points in Porter's 2017 working summary highlight its economic benefits and rapid development :

First, Porter successfully landed on the U.S. capital market. 10 am, on January 9, 2017 New York Time, Porter successfully listed in the United States for shares transaction, the giant congratulation advertising board hanging in the wall of the Reuters building declared the world that Porter had successfully landed on the U.S. capital market. The share price has been steadily raised and the market value had already exceed tens of billions RMB. 

Second, Porter Successfully held U.N. Global New Economy Summit Forum. Porter, as a new economic enterprise and a practitioner of the Belt and Road Initiative, successfully held "United Nations Globalization Dialogue Summit and Global New Economic Summit Forum" on May 23-24, 2017 in the "United Nations Building." Nearly 700 industry representatives either from top 500 corporations or governments from more than 60 countries across the world attended the meeting. It sets up a public platform for global enterprises in various countries in the world to move towards mutually beneficial cooperation so that everyone can share resources equally on this platform.

Third, Porter initiated the global layout of "Porter City", the O2O World Expo. In 2017, Porter accelerated the global sites selection of "Porter City". During the year, it conducted project site inspections in various regions of China, as well as some countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, South America and Australia, thus the "Porter City" has been actively planned both in home and abroad. 

Fourth, Porter achieved good results on acquisitions of domestic high-quality enterprises. In 2017, Porter vigorously promote its business on high-quality asset acquisition, and the acquiring industries covering science and technology, the internet, organic industry and the industry of industrial chain and service chain that will further serve the development of “Porter City”, meanwhile to assist and cooperate with enterprises to enter international market. 

In 2017, Porter, under the guidance of the leaders, handed over an achievable result to the shareholders of the Company. In 2018, Porter will continue to develop the innovative operation of Porter City with the focus on global site selection. It will also keep on its path of mergers and acquisitions of various of high-quality enterprises and implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” and uphold the spirit of U.N. sustainable development and global new economy development, so as to create a more splendid year for Porter to take off.