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Porter Kicks Off a Brand New Prosperous Year- 2018

Striving to create glorious success, persistence lead to excellence.  Chinese new year just came to the end, every Porter people back to the office from the vocation and officially strive for a more profitable 2018. 

The seventh day of the first Chinese lunar month in 2018 is the first day for Chinese employee to get back to work from spring festival vocation, it is also the first day for Porter’s employee to start to work. All Porter employee, under the leadership of Porter founder, are immediately in high spirit for work. On the first working day back from lunar new year, it is the Chinese tradition for company leaders to hand out red packets for employee as a sign to wish company to embrace a lucky and prosperous year, and Porter is never a exception in this regard.

On the day, all Porter employee enter the fast-paced working style by learning the company’s core development goal and business types. the year of 2018 is a very critical year for Porter, all staff will unswervingly uphold the them of “Kick off 2018 for Porter’s take-off development” with strong executive ability, and thus to realize the shared dream of all Porter people.