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PORTER GROUP Officially Starts the American Stock Market Trading on 9th, Jan 2017

At 10am, New York local time on 9th, Jan 2017, PORTER GROUP CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "PORTER") starts the American stock market trading through merge and acquisition of American-listed UNI LINE CORP.  (stock exchange code: ULNV). The opening price is 2$/share. It marks the milestone that PORTER has landed in the American capital market successfully and will further connect the international capital channel.


It is known that PORTER is a private enterprise in China, with industrial cluster as its foundation, commercial services as its tool, financial services as the core, to be an O2O industrial and trading cluster and big data financial platform operator. PORTER, with solid strength and power, with an emphasis on innovative concept and mode, has been listed in OTC securities exchange market in the USA. At present, there are such well-known enterprises listed and traded in the OTC securities exchange market as Louis Vuitton (Stock code: LVMHF), HSBC (Stock code: HBCYE), CCB (Stock code: CICHF), BC (Stock code: BACHF), ICBC (Stock code: IDCBF), and ABC (Stock code: ACGBY).

Since 1990s, more than 1000 companies from China have been listed in the USA successively, in line with international capital market and grow up stronger. It was an achievement of global economic and financial integration. It proves again that there was another powerful Chinese company, which gained recognition in international capital market after PORTER was listed in the USA stock market successfully.

PORTER, a company with highly innovative thoughts, has realized the property publicity, credit and securitization through cross-industry convergence, and helped nationwide developing manufacturing enterprises building a chain 020 platform with global purchasing and selling, conference services, business, logistics, information and financial services. Thus, barrier-free communication and cooperation in economy, trade, culture and other fields in regions are realized. So are the interconnection between enterprise, market and trade.  Finally, the maximum value of social wealth is created through big data financing. It is because of its innovative thoughts and mode, PORTER gets the favor of the American capital market and has been listed in the USA successfully in a quick pace and started the American stock market trading.