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Chinese enterprises should have consciousness to shoulder responsibility

The upcoming "Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation" will be held in Beijing from May 14 to 15. President Xi Jinping would attend the opening ceremony and preside the leaders' roundtable summit. This high-end forum attended by 28 heads of states and governments, 110 officials, scholars, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, medias and people from all walks of life, 61 international organizations, and 89 people and representatives, a total of more than 1,200 people confirmed the attendance of the forum; this will not only attract high attention from all relevant countries around the world, but also become a milestone event for China to fulfill its international responsibility.

As Foreign Minister, Wang Yi said on 18th in his speech at the Briefing for Foreign Media in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that “‘Belt and Road’ is by far the most important public goods that initiated by China and share with the world". In the face of the problems arise from global economic development, the summit will listen to the voices from different countries and regions in the world. “We will build a new platform for cooperation by collecting wisdom and surmount for unity to open up new impetus for growth and explore new path for development."

From September 2013 when Xi Jinping visited Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan and proposed to build the "Silk Road Economic Zone" to the proposal of concept of building 21st “Maritime Silk Road” when he visited Indonesia in October, the “Belt and Road” has not only be recognized by more and more China's neighboring countries, but also evokes worldwide repercussions. China is not only focusing on its own businesses but also paying more attention to cooperation with the international community for win-win outcome and synergistic progress. The consciousness to shoulder responsibility is coming into being and gradually won recognition from the world, which is in tandem with our international status.

However, it should be noted that the consciousness to shoulder responsibility in line with China’s international status is never merely the job of government, to a considerable extent, it needs more collaboration from enterprises that involved in global economic operation. The formation of consciousness needs enterprises to give more expressions to strategic management and daily behavior. Because of this, we see Jack Ma maneuvers his policies and plays his role in various countries including the United States; we see Dewang Cao 's manufacturing industry is gradually win proportion in American market’s transnational business; we see more and more Chinese capitals march into overseas and successfully integrate with local economy; we also see the emerging company Porter group is actively planning to commence a new economic forum in the United States, and their one-stop summit toward 193 UN members planned in their “Porter City” project that will distribute both Europe and the United States. Porter intends to plant the "economic UN" ideas into their core products to come up with a plan from the direction of building international and modern summit service sharing platform. Porter group has already formed a new global view that seen from Chinese entrepreneurs, and high degree of international self-conscious to shoulder responsibility. It is must for enterprises to transcend deeply and extensively on the basis of national consciousness.

When the new generation of enterprises and entrepreneurs that grow up in the market competiveness start to have enough consciousness to shoulder responsibility, there would be no doubt for China to accelerating its contribution to the world civilization.