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President of Porter gives speech on the transformation and upgrading of the traditional

President of Porter gives speech on the transformation and upgrading of the traditional development model in the new economic era

CHINA ECONOMIC NEWS-- Zongjian Chen, the president of Porter corporation listed in the United State (stock code ULNV), gave his speech on how China economic adapt to the development requirements of new economic era for achieving the transformation and upgrading of traditional development model. The speech was given at the New Economic Forum held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York last month. There are three focuses that Mr. Chen mentioned.

First, only through the economic transformation and upgrading to achieve the renewal of economic system and the transformation of growth mode, to achieve that the economic structure upgrade to a higher level and replace pillar industry, so that we can make our traditional economy achieve fundamental change from quantity to quality and from weak to strong. Then our economy is possible to step into a new sustainable and sound development stage.

Mr. Chen said we need to vigorously develop high-end information industry, such as internet industry, industry of internet of things (IOT) and satellite internet industry; we need to demonstrate our utmost effort to achieve integration of real entity industry and internet industry for the development of “internet+” economy. We also need to strive to develop integration of finance industry and big data for achieving the modern social encryption digital finance. Only by this way, will we gradually change the traditional business model, development model, management model, market model, etc. for the formation of new development, new power, new markets, new brands, new management, and new value space. However, the changes in various fields will also lead to new changes in globalization, and then stimulate the new transformation on layout of the industry chain, the development of distribution channels and the upgrading of consumption patterns. Only by constantly reforming, transforming, upgrading and renewing, can we adapt to the development of the new economy and promote the rapid growth of the new economy.

Second, only to vigorously develop the "big data finance", can we effectively support the transformation and upgrading of primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry for sustainable development.

Mr. Chen believes that "big data financial model" will be the most direct as well as the best transformation method for traditional industry. We should implant internet and IOT means into the traditional industry to accelerate its development, to promote big data finance, so as to achieve fundamental leap of traditional industry. Through the three-dimensional integration of industrial real estate, business chain, e-commerce and financial capital, to make asset public, securitized, and credited. All these would materially speed up transformation development of traditional industry on the basis of the achievement of development interconnection, market interconnection, resource interconnection, trade interconnection, economic interconnection, finance interconnection of the development of global enterprises.

Third, relying on the Internet, we should vigorously develop new economy" model based on the "public platform and sharing economy” to achieve sustainable technological progress and innovation.

The above three points proposed by Mr. Chen are based on the practice of his company (Porter). Porter is developing its "Port City - Modern Services Industry Park" project in the countries along the “Belt and Road”. Porter’s core business model is O2O industry cluster and big data finance, which is a one-stop service platform providing global business opportunities for global enterprises. The project centers on "Internet + Entity + Finance" model to operate 5 million square meters “Porter City” project via international information method and ultimately earn profit by financial service and financial settlement. Mr. Chen said that each Porter city project can be settled by 100,000 enterprises for business free of charge. This free model would truly achieve the "new economy" model of "public platform and shared economy" and set up a public platform for cooperation, sharing and win-win result. All for committing the sustainable development program proposed by the United Nations.