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Porter Corporation Initiates O2O Platform

Porter City O2O Platform·100,000 enterprises stationed·forever free·global business. This is the aim and object of the Porter City operation.

February 7, 2018, the opening ceremony of Porter City Online Store for global test (search“波特商城” in WeChat) was successfully held in Porter company (U.S. ticker symbol ULNV) headquarters in Shenzhen. It is officially announced that enterprises’ entering into Porter City O2O platform start.

Porter City Online Store is Porter's global enterprise sharing platform with years of research and development built on the core concept of "business sharing". Mr. Chen Zongjian, the founder of Porter Corporation, highlighted at the launching ceremony that Porter City O2O platform "is a never-ending O2O commercial Expo City, it is a platform to achieve global commodities circulation for enterprise, it is also a public platform to help businesses enjoy one-stop government services, business services, information services, financial services and other services”. He stressed that Porter will "incubate enterprise into a brand enterprise down to earth and help them become world-class well-known enterprise".

Decades of Endeavour Shine the Moment

According to the speech given by Mr. Chen that Porter, as a representative of the new economy, founded in 1994 and has more than 20 years of history, has gone through commercial real estate, commerce and trade, e-commerce, financial capital and other fields of business. It started to create “Porter City O2O Platform” in 2007 based on its in-depth study of overall industrial chain. Through the integration of cross-border industries to realize the publicization, credit and securitization of assets, Porter aims to build a never-ending O2O commercial Expo platform for assisting enterprises from every part of the world to build up global trade, global meeting, global business, global logistics, global information and global finance, so as to achieve full accessibility and cooperation in various fields such as economy, trade and culture, Internet connectivity, market connectivity and trade connectivity, ultimately creating the greatest social wealth through big data finance. Enterprises operating in the Port City O2O platform will enjoy 0 rent, 0 admission fee, 0 property management fee, 0 warehousing fee, 0 fair fee on sales of goods, 0 rebate, 0 level, then to realize transaction payment and timely settlement etc. .

Platform established through various methods can truly reduce the cost for manufacturing enterprises, achieve competitiveness of corporate brand, product and price, then ultimately sell to consumers with best quality and price. This can realize the long-term development of enterprises and stimulating the growth of consumption.   Focusing on consumption to drive circulation, production and domestic demand, it will fundamentally support enterprises become bigger and stronger and promote regional and national economic development. At the same time, with the aid of this public service incubation platform, local governments have also solving the difficulties of industrial development, employment, tax revenue and regional economic growth, which will help to promote the sound and rapid development of the local economy. 

System R & D and related Preparation started in 2007, Porter strives to figure out theoretical research models, conduct industrial planning, carry out software development, implement pattern optimization and management upgrades. On the basis of resources integration and merchants attracting for cooperation, it constructs a series of standardized work. Through decades of endeavor, Porter City Online Store finally launched.

This innovative model and platform won attention and recognition from international capital market as early as 2016. On January 9, 2017, Porter listed in United States and started its trade of shares, the share price rose steadily in 2017, Porter’s market value so far exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Respond to the call of 19thCPC National Congress to be the First to Establish Organic Pavilion 

Porter City Online Store’s initial public operation for test take “Global Organic Pavilion” as the first sector, which required all the enterprises stationed in the Porter City Online Store must be the organic enterprises.   

Porter City Online Store operations director said: right now, either ordinary people or leaders at all levels in China concern a lot about the “green, safety and health” food. Porter begins with the food safety that thousands of households concerned by introducing organic products both locally and internationally to provide all consumers in Port City Online Store with truly green, organic, healthy, safe and inexpensive food. According to Porter executives, the establishment of the “Organic Pavilion” also responds to the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress of  supporting agriculture, farmer and rural area and its food processing industry through building up a good platform for people from home and abroad, and make the agricultural products access to international channel.      

As Porter City Online Store operations director introduced that all the system of Porter City Online Store would conform with the offline system. Enterprises settled in will enjoy all services provided by platform like government-related services, business services , financial services, etc. and will equally enjoy the preferential policies provided by the government in all regions with offline Porter City settled enterprises .

In addition to the “organic pavilion”, Porter City Online Store will gradually build up international pavilions, provincial pavilions and special pavilions, all these pavilions will go online gradually, and the related promotion and operation will come along. All of this are centered on customers for improving people's quality of life and promoting the fundamental goal of national economic growth.

Porter is creating a globally shared business ecosystem platform through systematic sharing methods. As the Lunar New Year is approaching, Porter corporation has already taken a solid step towards its globalization.