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Porter New Economy Expert Chen Delivers Speech on “China Organic Valley” Spring Festival Event

“Sina-Us Innovation Times Reported by Youping Wen, Feb. 6th, 2018” "Ecological Nanzhang, organic kitchen." From February 1 to February 4, "Brand Promotion Seminar on China Organic Valley·the Second  anniversary Nanzhang Spring Festival Shopping Event and New Economy Report Conference on Organic Industry" was successfully held. The founder of Porter Corporation (US stock code ULNV) and new economy expert Mr. Chen Zongjian was invited to attend this event and gave a keynote speech on the New Economy in Organic Industry Conference entitled "New Era, New Ideas, New Strategies and New Finance." At the conference, Chen  Zongjian suggested that Nanzhang county should hold high the banner of "the capital of the world organic industry" and take "International Convention and Exhibition Center, Big Data Cloud Computing Center, World Organic Industry Chain Alliance Center and Financial Capital Connecting Center" as four main topic, so as to vigorously develop the organic industry. His keynote speech was highly endorsed by the participants at the scene and aroused widespread discussion and strong resonance.


Site of the Event of  “China Organic Valley”  

New Economy Report on Organic Industry ----- the Highlight of the Activity

The reporter learned that Nanzhang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is closely following the provincial strategy of "China Organic Valley" and is committed to building "the first county in China's organic industry". Right now, the organic industry is thriving. According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, Nanzhang County received 87 certifications of “Certified Organic Food” and “Conversion to Organic Food”, accounting for 0.48% of the national total, accounting for 15.9% of the province's 534 and accounting for 72% of the 118 of the whole city. The planting base with  certifications of “Certified Organic Food” and “Conversion to Organic Food” reach es114,000 mu, accounting for 15% of the county's arable land, which is 15 times of the national average.

The two consecutive years of successful China Organic Valley·NanzhangSpring Festival Shopping Event  undoubtedly the best exam of  the organic industry. According to reports,  the Second Anniversary Spring Festival Shopping Event gain significant improvement both in terms of content design and performance compare with the previous one. The  statistics also show that  there were a total of 256 exhibitors, more than 400 exhibition booths with overwhelming visitors, more than 5,000 kinds of famous "organic" agricultural products on site. The activity  attracted about 23,000  people for Spring Festival Shopping; the first day of on-site transaction volume reached 6,128,000 yuan; the activity also attracted lots of buyers, many of which sign organic products purchase contract with exhibitors and the contract amount reached 1.63 billion yuan. The most striking highlights of the event is the successful holding of  the "New Economic Report on Organic Industry".

In view of Nanzhang’s favorable ecological environment, the industrial development in the ascendant and the determination of the government and enterprises in developing the organic industry, Chen Zongjian, a new economy expert was invited to participate and he believes that in the current context of information globalization and economic globalization, Nanzhang should fully seize the favorable opportunity to create Nanzhang as the "world organic industry capital." Meanwhile, Mr. Chen also said Porter will rely on its own platform resource advantages and strive to promote the  connection and cooperation of Nanzhang organic industry with international technologies, patents, talents, markets and projects, so as to connect the world.

In order to build Nanzhang · China Organic Valley Project into "the world organic industry capital ," Nanzhang County Committee and County Government will vigorously develop the organic industry as an important strategic move for local economic development. At the end of 2017, Nanzhang County Committee and County Government invited Chen Zongjian, the founder and new economy expert of Shenzhen Porter Corporation, to conduct an in-depth study and exchange on the development of China Organic Valley project and organic industry at Nanzhang and reached a consensus on strategic cooperation on how to jointly build up the  "China Organic Valley" project. Meanwhile, Mr. Chen  put forward the strategic development goal of making Nanzhang a "capital of the world organic industry" from a global and international perspective, which was highly endorsed by the Nanzhang government and enterprises.

Only one month later, Chen Zongjian, co-chairman of the UN New Economic Summit and  a new economy expert, was re-invited to attend the 2nd China Organic Valley·NanzhangSecond Anniversary Spring Festival Shopping Event. Mr. Chen delivered a keynote speech in the Report Conference on new economic development of organic industry with the theme of "new era, new thinking, new strategy and new finance" and with the focus on the goal of building Nanzhang as “world capital of organic industry”. According to reports, this Report Conference co-organized by  Nanzhang government and Shenzhen Porter is the a significant step forward on  promoting the project of building Nanzhang as "the world capital of organic industry" .


Site of the Report Conference on Organic Industry and New Economy Development

Hold-High One Banner While Construct Four Pillars

According to reports, the most striking highlights of the Report Conference are new economy on organic industry dialogue, discussion to create "the world capital of organic industry" and  how the organic industry to step into the international capital markets. Mr. Chen  pointed out in the report that Hubei province conducts scientific planning according to local conditions and situation, so as to vigorously develop its organic industry, it also formulates corresponding provincial strategic development plan. As the key area of "China Organic Valley", Nanzhang County will transform and upgrade its economic development based on the realization of the organic industry, then lay foundation on branding itself as  "capital of world organic industry".

At the conference, Chen Zongjian emphasized that Nanzhang should hold high the banner of "the capital of the world organic industry" and take "International Convention and Exhibition Center, Big Data Cloud Computing Center, World Organic Industry Chain Alliance Center and Financial Capital Connection Center" as the four pillars, so as to vigorously develop the organic industry. These views of given by Mr. Chen won  high approval from  the participants at the scene and aroused extensive discussion and strong resonance.


Chen Zongjian, the Founder of Porter Corporation and New Economy Expert was Delivering His Keynote Speech

How to create Nanzhang as "capital of world organic industry "? According to Chen Zongjian, Nanzhang County should overall conform to the new trend of the world to develop its new mode of thinking and launch a new economy on the ground. It is suggested to implement from five aspects.

First, it holds high the banner of building China (International) New Organic Industry Complex, publish a white paper regarding the development of the global organic industry, set up an international organic industry certified standard system, and lead innovative development and cooperation of organic industry in China and the world.

Second, it can create an international organic industry convention center, organize the normalized international organic industry summit and create a permanent location for the global summit of organic industry. This will gather global innovation elements, such as technology, talent, capital, etc.

Third, establish  transaction settlement center of big data of organic industry. Fully meet China's "Belt and Road Initiative", establish a three-dimensional trading system for futures exchanges in the organic industry, build a transaction settlement platform and exhibition stadium that help China’s organic products go abroad while bring in the world’s organic products, all of which would help to  establish  China (International) headquarters for the organic industry .

Fourth, the establishment of the "World Federation of Organic Industry Chain" center. Target China and absorb the advantages of China's organic industry resources; Target international and absorb the world's advanced production and management concepts of organic industry and advantaged market and capital resources, so as to  achieve agglomeration effect that building Nanzhang as "world organic industry capital".

Fifth, build a financial capital connecting center. Targeting capital and creating “fast channel” for listing in international capital market, which is aimed to help growth companies to list in overseas. Relying on international capital and achieving worldwide development of Nanzhang organic industry.  

The reporter also learned that during the Spring Festival Event, Chen Zongjian not only made a keynote speech on the report of New Economy Development of Organic Industry, but also conducted in-depth discussions with nearly 30 representatives of enterprises that engaged in organic industry  on the road for global organic industry.  

Mr. Chen gave his suggestions to conduct overall transformation and innovative business model to drive new development  and to land new economy regarding the difficulties generally exist on the lack of fund, brand, scale and channel. He also suggested to forsake traditional mindset while adopt global, capital, internet and cooperation thinking, to use industrial model, financial model, information model and listing model, especially to equip oneself with capital thinking to embrace globalization and make itself as No. 1, and then gradually step on the road of digital consumption and finance.      

Reporter also learned that, in order to better help Nanzhang organic enterprises connect international capital, Porter Company (the United States stock code ULNV) also conducted a targeted project roadshow and reached cooperation intention with two growing enterprises. In the future, we will help them go global and ultimately list in US.