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Porter Chairman Chen Proposes the Establishment of “The Belt and Road Stock Exchange”

“Sina-Us Innovation Times Reported by Youping Wen, Feb. 1st, 2018”   Porter new economy expert Chen Zongjian recently led the  senior managers of  Porter company to investigate and inspect  the western provinces and major cities along the "Belt and Road" and then proposed the establishment of  "the Belt and Road Comprehensive Stock Exchange”, which will form a fan-shaped financial radiation development together with  Beijing NEEQ, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the formation of which will further promote the implementation of the" the Belt and Road  Initiative"strategic development.

The five northwestern provinces of China play their geographical advantages along the "Silk Road Economic Belt", speed up their infrastructures and implement the policy of transporting goods of eastern China to western and policy of attracting merchants and investment, so that the western region will gradually move toward the front stage of opening up to the outside world. Recently, the Porter Corporation (ULNV) made in-depth investigations of new economic developments in major cities along the "Belt and Road" in Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia and Gansu Provinces while giving the focus on 13th five-year development plan, urban construction, investment policies, business environment and the status of modern business operations and a series of conditions in order to seek strategic layout amid the new economic development.

During the inspection, senior executives of Porter Company (ULNV) thoroughly discussed with local enterprises, experts, scholars and government officials about the development of the local economy in western China under the "Belt and Road Initiative." In particular, Chen Zongjian, founder of the Porter Corporation and a new economy expert said: "The establishment of the" Belt and Road "new economy stock exchange in the western part of China will push the traditional economy and the modern economy along the Belt and Road into the digital economy and digital finance Era of new economic development. "His advice has been fully endorsed by the leaders of " Belt and Road "major cities in the northwest provinces and autonomous regions .

Three Directions for New Economy Development in the Western Region Along The“Belt And Road”

According to Mr. Chen, viewed from a historical perspective that in the prior three decades and compared with China's eastern coastal cities, there is a huge gap between west and east in terms of transportation, economic income and urban development  and talented people in western region going east. Western region’s housing constructions in urban areas are relatively traditional and has no modern sense. The entire urban construction level and urban management level in the western and northwestern of China are not as scientifically and rationally as the eastern region.

However, with the in-depth implementation of China's "Belt and Road Initiative" and the confirmation of a new economic goal set by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the new era of globalization, the western and northwestern parts of China have to be differentiated from the eastern part in terms of competition and the competition of going to global. These aspects are the important breakthrough and significance value that the socio-economic development of the western and northwestern provinces and autonomous regions need to usher in.

First of all, the western part of China should, as a whole, directly enter into the global competitive ideological pattern. As a result, the western region and its northwestern region should change their ideological concepts, make full use of their limited land and fully play their late-development advantages and actively enter into the application of modern new economies such as the modern internet, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and their Internet of Things Technology. Making up the weaknesses of the original western geography transportation through these methods of informationization, so as to connect the world. This brought the development of the western region directly into a new type of globalization, new industrialization, new urban economy and lift up to the new social development. All these will contribute to the achievement of western region of China to move up to the same level of competition with  eastern China.  

Second, the western region must take the initiative of the "Belt and Road"  as an opportunity to achieve the two-pronged cooperation. One is to cooperate with the eastern part of China and to bring in its advanced experience  and the industries that need to be relocated now, the other one is to cooperate with the countries along the Belt and Road and to connect with the new-type international trade. Through the combination of these two ends, the western region will move to the new urban industrial development with its own personality. The development of urban industry in the western region should not reach every aspect of matter, it must make breakthroughs, must set up its status  featured with its own personality and strive to be the No. 1, must be the strongest, or must be a leader in its field through a certain period of time of development. In this way, urban development  and economic development of the western region will come out of its own personality and achieve its own competitiveness.

Third, the most crucial factor in the overall development of western China is competition of talents. In the past, the traditional competition of talents was competition on the ground. Nowadays competition of talent should rely on the internet technology and the global world. It is necessary to make full use of the internet  to employ international talents and talents from various regions to serve the development of western region. For example, make appointment with doctor, co-share talents and co-share technology via Internet. In other words, it is boundless sharing scope that   talents in the advanced countries in the world, such as the United States and Europe, should be fully employed for the development of the western region through Internet technology.

 "The Belt and Road"New Economy Comprehensive Stock Exchange Could be Established inXi'an

During the in-depth inspection in Shaanxi, Mr. Chen fully demonstrated and highly agreed on the strategic position and the advantage of Shaanxi since the northwest China is an important node along the "Belt and Road". At the same time, Mr. Chen viewed from a new economy vision and quote that the northwest region is ushering in the best period for developing a new economy that taking enterprise services as core, and is the best window for the innovation and development of the new economy.

Statistics from Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics show that in 2017, the growth rate of added value of strategic emerging industries in Shaanxi reaches 12.5%, 4.3% higher than the industries that above its size, accounting for 10.8% of the GDP. Among which, sport utility vehicle production increased 1.29 times, new energy vehicles increased 67.7%, smart phones increased 30.3%, industrial robots increased 21.0%, the growth rate of all of which  is much higher than the traditional industrial products. The data fully confirmed Mr. Chen's view.

Chen Zongjian also believes that among the economic and industrial development in the northwest provinces and autonomous regions or the entire western region city, the key issue is to develop a new economic industry based on the Belt and Road, to develop a transformation and upgrading industry, and to build a Belt and Road new economic comprehensive stock exchange in the western region. The western region initiate development, it should take finance as priority. When the western enterprises need to go public, it is necessary to build a financial platform. To build this financial stock exchange, it is necessary to change it role as “blood transfusion” into “blood production”. In this way, there will be a nationwide southeast and northwestern multi-level  radiating financial stock market with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to the south, the Shanghai Stock Exchange to the east, the NEEQ to the north and the New Economic Comprehensive Stock Exchange of the Belt and Road to the west.

The purpose of establishing the New Economy Comprehensive Stock Exchange in the West is to establish a new type of trading rules and international and domestic mixed trading rules so as to complement each other with the AIIB and Silk Road funds and to be different from the routes they take. The most important purpose of establishing the New Economy Comprehensive Stock Exchange in the West is to have an internationalized and cross-border  stock exchange platform for some projects invested in the western region to trade, so that the pattern of a new type of China's opening up to the outside world and the cooperation pattern launched by the Belt and Road Initiatives thus established. The new economic integration in the western part of the country is a reflection of financial innovation, Internet sharing, the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation, the cross-border cooperation in western China and a major fusion of relevant international and cultural laws.

Based on an in-depth study of Xi'an, Chen Zongjian believes that Xi'an, as an ancient capital of 13 Chinese dynasties and the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, should set up a new economy comprehensive stock exchange, which can best play its critical role and lead a major development in the northwestern part of China. On this basis, international organizations such as the Belt and Road IGO headquarters, the Belt and Road media headquarters, various national embassies can be set up in Xi'an to form a gathering headquarters for various diplomatic organizations. At the same time, some of the functions that UN serves, such as the Belt and Road summits permanent address can also be directed to Xi'an. In this way, the implementation of the Belt and Road initiatives will form a new development trend.

Porter Company’s  Proactive Layout in the Western Region

In its own advocacy of new economy practices, Porter Corporation (ULNV) vigorously uphold the national "Belt and Road Initiative" policy and innovate a new economy comprehensive operation platform which is Porter City. Chen Zongjian said Porter Company will adopt such construction mode like Shanghai World Expo that one stadium stand for one country, which will be served as  a  platform for  trading and clearing.  This new type of cluster will brings about a very large fission effect. This is also an important strategy for Porter Corporation (ULNV) to combine the  in-depth examination in the Western region and to actively explore the Belt and Road and to hopes that it will play an active role in the development of the nation-wide Belt and Road Initiative.

According to reports, Porter Corporation has vigorously will carry out a series of Porter City layouts  in Xi'an and the western region . It is also actively looking for an industrial park covering an area of 3,000 mu in the western region of China for  new economic park, which takes Xi’an as base while radiating to the western region and providing enterprises with online and offline display of goods, enterprises services and financial market incubation service and other services for modern new economic development.  

In particular, Porter has more convincing experience in helping the companies of western region and even the Chinese new-economy enterprises to go public in the United States and connecting the international capital markets, for Porter company had been successfully listed in the United States. Mr. Chen personally diagnose many enterprises of western region regarding the listing in US during his visit in Xi’an. Chen Zongjian believes that we need to learn a lot from US capital market. China, especially small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) should upgrade its pattern and  view the development of enterprises from a global perspective and design their development strategies with financial capital thinking. They should stand in the international capital market stage for fully growth, under the new economic environment, the capital operation of enterprises is not isolated, but a three-dimensional, comprehensive, system-wide capital operation solutions.

For these strategic layouts, Chen Zongjian said that under the new economic environment, the traditional industries have been transformed and upgraded rapidly. The new economy has made a significant contribution to the traditional logistics reform. Regional centralized distribution is the mainstream of modern logistics. Digitalized information logistics, blockchain logistics, consumption financial logistics are new industries indispensable to the development of economy in the region. This is a dual-centered new business model of decentralization and centralization. The northwest region needs to innovate in the new economic development trend and needs to find certainty among uncertainty.

How to keep up with the development of the new economy in the future? A striking feature of the new economy of Porter Corporation (ULNV) is its global vision of the innovative landscape that the new economy presents. Just as what Mr. Chen said during his visit in northwestern logistics project that the future industry will be a business model for the integration of reality and virtuality. Industry transfer is shifting from high-cost areas to low-cost areas, and traditional logistics in large-span areas is being reduced. Taking solution of industrial cluster  with huge regional consumption and regional exhibition of trade clusters as center will bring about new changes in the logistics industry.

Keeping up with and actively exploring changes of  the current new economy is the goal of Porter's strategic layout.