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New Economic Expert Zongjian Chen Suggests developing “ Special New Economic Zone” in Shenzhen

“Sina-Us Innovation Times Reported by Youping Wen, March. 15th, 2018” reform and opening up policy gave birth to Shenzhen, rejuvenate Shenzhen, and strengthen Shenzhen. Recently, the sixth plenary session of Shenzhen municipal committee clearly stated that Shenzhen would be the first to establish a socialist modernization preemptive area and strives to achieve the goal of innovation-led globalization with outstanding competitiveness, and put forward the “nine strategic tasks”. In this regard, the new economic expert and the founder of the Porter Corporation (ULNV), Zongjian Chen, as the first generation of entrepreneur after reform and opening up, aimed at the innovation economy that Shenzhen entered a new era and embarked on a new journey. In the tide of development, he boldly proposed that Shenzhen should establish a “Shenzhen Special New Economy Cooperation Zone” for promoting Shenzhen’s innovative development so as to lead the world.

As a new economic expert who has been committed to the practice of new economic development for a long time, Zongjian Chen said in an exclusive interview in “the 40th year of China’s reform and opening up” held by “Chinese-American Innovation Times” : Shenzhen belongs to Shenzhen people, belongs to China, and belongs to the world. It has achieved remarkable accomplishment after 40 years of innovative development thanks to the reform and opening up policy. Looking into the future and facing the world, Shenzhen can fully rely on innovative new economy of innovative city and has created a series of “Shenzhen elements” such as the competitiveness advantages of Shenzhen, the gathering of talented people, the internationalization of market-based legalization, and the opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau bay area and the Pearl River Delta metropolis circle in South China. We should innovatively establish “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone” which will lead China, lead the world and the development of new globalization.

"Capital of Innovation" Provides Power for New Economic Development

Innovation is the primary driving force for development. In the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen has consistently embraced the theme of innovation and has unswervingly built an innovation capital that is more internationally competitive. In particular, Shenzhen launched the “Top Ten Action Plan for Innovation” in 2017, which is to make Shenzhen, the capital of innovation, more dynamic. According to statistical data from Shenzhen, Shenzhen organized major projects on technical breakthroughs in 2017 and actively prepared to build 8 major science and technology infrastructures, 3 newly established basic research institutions, 5 manufacturing innovation centers, and 7 overseas innovation centers, adding three state-level “double-creation” demonstration bases in Futian District, Tencent area, etc. It establishes 11 new research and development institutions and 195 innovative carriers. Based on such Shenzhen's innovative practices and achievements, Zongjian Chen boldly made suggestion for the construction of the “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone”.

"The duck know first when the river gets warm in spring", which means we need to experience first hand by our own. As early as 2007, Zongjian Chen began to lead his enterprise shift from a traditional business model to a new economic model, and promoted the success of Porter’s access to the Wall Street capital market in the United States with the innovative model of “Porter City - Headquarter of new economic enterprises for transaction settlement”. This is a microcosm of Shenzhen's innovative economy. As an entrepreneur who is committed to operating new economy, Zongjian Chen believes that one of the important features of Shenzhen's innovation is to make Shenzhen’s enterprises as the main body, and always unfold the dynamic trend of new economy. Over the years, Shenzhen's economy has been able to achieve rapid and qualitative development, which thanks to excellent entrepreneurs like Pony Ma from Tencent, Zhengfei Ren from Huawei, and Zongjian Chen from Porter, etc. These entrepreneurs accurately seize the opportunity for technological innovation and business model innovation and keep a close eye on strategic emerging industry, the future industry and the direction for global market,so as to find the right tempo to develop new economy, new industry, new technology and new model.

The development of new economy is the general trend of the era. Zongjian Chen analyzed that whether it is in Shenzhen or the whole China, the new economic development is welcoming the best historical opportunity. He said that recently China has delivered a series of positive policy measures for the development of a new economy. First, Premier Li Keqiang's report on the work of the government on March 5th said that the construction of an innovative Country should be accelerated. Grasping the new round of scientific and technological revolutions in the world and the general trend of industrial change, we will intensify the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies and continue to enhance economic innovation capabilities and competitiveness. Second, the State Council approved the implementation of the “Overall Plan For The Construction of a Comprehensive Experimental Area for the Conversion of Old and New Energy in Shandong”. Its goal is to vigorously develop the new economy while taking new technology, new industry, new forms of business, and new models as the core; new production factors such as knowledge, technology, information, and data as its support, so that it can actively explore kinetic energy conversion of new and old models. Third, Shenzhen proposed to take the lead in building the “nine strategic tasks” of the socialist modernization pioneering area to promote the re-escalation of the innovation economy in all aspects. In particular, Shenzhen will unswervingly build a more internationally competitive innovation capital for Shenzhen and even China. The development of the new economy in the world has provided great momentum. In addition, Hong Kong has been vigorously developing new economy and encouraging traditional enterprises to gradually transform into the new economy. What’s more, the Internet companies gradually return China A-share market. All these phenomenons fully demonstrates the importance of China's policy for the development of new economy.

The reporter learned that according to relevant plans, Shenzhen will preemptively launch new models of new industries such as sharing economy, digital economy, biological economy, and modern supply chain, so as to build a new economic development policy system, and accelerate the innovation of key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, and modern engineering  technology, disruptive technological; to nurture and strengthen "specialized and emerging" innovative SMEs, adding a number of "unicorn" companies and a number of Top 500 innovative companies in the world. These are the concrete manifestations of the tremendous momentum of Shenzhen's new economic development.

The Best Shenzhen Brand -------Shenzhen People

The reporter learned that in the early 1980s, Chen Zongjian came to Shenzhen with his father and began to work in the Shenzhen, a special economic zone of China. Against the background of China’s reform and opening up, Zongjian Chen, as a business starter in 1980s, witnessed the concerted efforts of several generations of Shenzhen people and the formation of Shenzhen spirit in the past 40 years since China’s reform and opening up.

According to Zongjian Chen , Shenzhen’s brands formed during the past 40 years since reform and opening up has rich connotations. Shenzhen forges its brand systems covering product brands, corporate brands, industrial brands, regional brands, and urban brands. However, the largest, the  best, the most permanent, the most centred and the most competitive Shenzhen brand is “Shenzhen people”. Zongjian Chen believes that the spirit of “Shenzhen People” brand has experienced continuous innovation and bold exploration in the following four eras:

The first generation of Shenzhen people was the infrastructure engineering engineer and the first group of builders who built Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the 1980s. This generation of Shenzhen people is called the “Pioneer Bull” for their effort to build Shenzhen. They are the backbone and foundation of Shenzhen. With great momentum for pushfulness, they has created “Shenzhen speed”. Therefore, the spirit of “Pioneer Bull” has laid a solid foundation for the construction of Shenzhen brand. Today,the spirit of the first-generation Shenzhen people has become Shenzhen’s time-honored brand as well as the core and heirloom of Shenzhen brand. Till now, the spirit of “Pioneer Bull” still inspire this young city to continuously innovate and develop.

The second generation of Shenzhen people was the majority builder in Shenzhen’s second business initiated period in the 1990s. They continued to bring forth the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen’s “Pioneer Bull”, and gradually established Shenzhen’s industrial brand and urban cultural brand, and thus form the industrial foundation of Shenzhen. This is the core content for Shenzhen brand's everlasting development. Shenzhen’s entrepreneurs at this stage had made significant contributions to the development of Shenzhen industry.

The third-generation of Shenzhen people is the Shenzhen builder in 2000s. They promoted the development of Shenzhen city management, legal construction, business environment, software construction, brand connotation, Shenzhen spirit, Shenzhen culture, international status, and innovation mechanism to an international platform. This is the engine of Shenzhen brand development and will always provide growth and development.

The fourth generation of Shenzhen people is the emerging city builder in 2010s, most of them are born in 1960s, 1970s or 1980s, who are taking Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and e-commerce, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, bioengineering, unmanned technology, academic talents, and international first-rate R&D as innovative driving force to set a benchmark for the city's competitiveness to go abroad. Talent is always the primary productivity of Shenzhen.

As summarized by Shenzhen: the speciality of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone lies in the valuable character of daring to explore, to try and to be the first in the world; It also lies in its distinct qualities that are particularly reformable, particularly open, and particularly innovative; lie in the spiritual state of never being ossified, slacked, and ceased, as well as in the fine style of work of being a practical doer, executing in depth and doing in foremost. This is exactly the connotation of “Shenzhen People” brand in the past 40 years since China’s reform and opening up emphasized by Zongjian Chen.

"Be tolerant to diversity as ocean embrace a number of streams". Zongjian Chen also believes that the brand of "Shenzhen people" has charm of unique opening. Whether it is from the 1980s and 1990s, a large number of talents flocked into Shenzhen from inland of China, just like “Peacock Flying to the Southeast,” or afterwards, oversea elites continuously come to Shenzhen. Today, talents in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone are showing more positive, open and effective attitudes.

Establish Innovative Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone to Lead the World

Sixth Plenary Session of the Ninth Conference of Shenzhen municipal Party Committee proposed to take the lead in building the socialist modernization pilot area, for that, we must seize the “nine strategic tasks” that influence the whole situation. Among the nine tasks, the “unswervingly create leading Shenzhen brand” is one of them.

At present, based on the Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen design, Shenzhen standard, and Shenzhen integrity, Shenzhen vigorously implements the “Shenzhen Brand” strategy and builds a system of “Product Brands, Corporate Brands, Industrial Brands, Regional Brands, and Urban Brands” to make “Made in Shenzhen " a label of high quality and make more Shenzhen brands to be world-renown .

How to make Shenzhen brands gain reputation worldwide? Zongjian Chen believes that all Shenzhen brand systems should form the concept of “Shenzhen Pavilion”, integrate certain elements of the Shenzhen brand, and launch an innovative development model of the “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone” with innovative economy as its core competitiveness. Integrate new economic agglomeration elements such as industry, capital, technology, talent, enterprise, and public service, and duplicate and export the the “Chain Brand” of “Shenzhen City” to the world for more development and cooperation, and then continue the development miracles and speed, so that the “New Special Zone” all around the world could mutually complement, mutually cooperate, share prosperity, growth and achievements.”

Zongjian Chen said that the construction of the “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone” has both the huge momentum provided by Shenzhen's innovation capital for the development of the new economy, and the brand spirit power of “Shenzhen people” that is unique throughout the country. It even has the “The Belt and Road” policy as Shenzhen entered a new era, the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and the world-class metropolitan areas.

Chen Zongjian said that the establishment of the "Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone" can fully integrate the national program of "The Belt and Road". Forming “Shenzhen New Economy Special Cooperation Zone” along the “Belt and Road” countries to allow cities in those countries take onboard of the express train of Shenzhen special zone for more cooperation and development, so as to build a new economy cooperation brand, a new innovative chain city and new economy industry based on city development model. He also said that the construction of the "Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone" is entirely in the context of the new development of the world economy. Building a city with Shenzhen elements, such as spirit of Shenzhen people, innovative driving force of Shenzhen new economy, Shenzhen innovative brand and Shenzhen new industries. Such a model is tantamount to a specifically summary of Shenzhen people's efforts regarding culture, industry, and urban development of Shenzhen, then forming "normalization, standardization, and modelization". It is also a concentration of Shenzhen's urban development. This is a way to develop a new economy, build the “Belt and Road”, and achieve globalization in a new era. This is equivalent to concentrating and packaging certain brand elements of Shenzhen and exporting chains to a number of new cities around the world and going global.

Zongjian Chen also said that the establishment of the “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone” can also take advantage of opportunities such as the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and metropolitan area. It can promote the development of “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Area” and lead the construction of technology corridor via the output of the innovative model of “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Area”. Building up Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou “3+2” one-hour economic circle to speed up the development toward western part and across Zhujiang River, so as to promote the all-around connection with surrounding cities with respect to industry, transportation, life. It also on the road to find more extending and deepening coordinating development and strive to achieve   complementary advantages and win-win results. Several years later, Shenzhen was the center and the surrounding cities were satellites. In this way, the “Shenzhen model” formed during the 40 years since reform and opening up has spread to the whole China through the construction of the “Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Area”.

Zongjian Chen concluded that this kind of innovative development model for building the "Shenzhen New Economic Special Cooperation Zone" is an effective way to promote the "Belt and Road" policy, to develop the global economic integration, the world free trade area/trade port and the global new economy, so as to make the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone become an international chain on development model and launch joint development in the free trade zone and the new economic special cooperation zone. This will drive the recovery of the world’s economy and accelerate development, which reflect the sustainable growth of the global economy in new era and ultimately achieve the result that make the innovative Shenzhen lead the world. This kind of leading innovative development model that bring Shenzhen innovative resources to the whole China and even the world will lay foundation for the sustainable development of the Shenzhen brand. (Finish)