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Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprise Shandong Dahai Group Visited Porter Group

——Warmly welcome the top management team of Shandong Dahai Group to visit Porter Group

On February 19th, at the invitation of Porter Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Porter Group), Mr. Liu Dejie, the president of Shandong Dahai Group, Mr.Lu Chengfeng, the vice president and Mr. Liang Chuanchao, the secretary of president visited Porter Group. Mr. Chen ZongJian, the Chief Architect of PORTER GROUP and Mr Liu Yang, the secretary of CINEUA warmly received them and discussed the bilateral cooperation.

On behalf of the Porter Group, Mr. Chen Zongjian extended a warm welcome to Mr. Liu Dejie, Mr. Lu Chengfeng and Mr. Liang Chuanchao for their visit and introduced development of cooperate business, like Global New Economy Summit in 2017 and Portercity project.

Mr. Liu Dejie, Mr. Lu Chengfeng and Mr. Liang Chuanchao spoke highly of the upcoming opportunity of Global New Economy Summit and wanted to join the summit. They also spoke highly of the Portercity project blueprint and promised that there will be big cooperate room between Portercity project and Shandong Dahai Group.

Mr. Chen Zongjian expressed the appreciation for the visit by Mr. Liu Dejie, Mr.Lu Chengfeng and Mr. Liang Chuanchao. Porter Group looks forward to the early cooperation opportunity and sharing the fortune of new economy together.

Related brief introduction:

Shandong Dahai Group, founded in 1988, is a large multi-industry, trans-regional and international enterprise group integrating textile, new energy, new materials and international trade, with more 6000 staff. Since being selected into the top 500 enterprises of China in 2012, the company has ranked 323rd in 2014, and ranked 80th of the top 500 private enterprise of China. It has successively rewarded the national earn foreign exchange through exports advanced corporate, China Quality Long March advanced unit, national private enterprise famous brand-creation key enterprise, national honesty and law-abiding enterprise, national enterprise cultural construction demonstration base, Famous Trademark of China, China top brand and other title of honor.

Porter Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Porter Group), is an enterprise which has listed in American(stock exchange code is ULNV). It is an O2O industrial and trading cluster and big data financial platform operator, under new economy globalization and big financial era, with industrial cluster as its foundation, commercial services as its tool, financial services as the core.