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Chinese National Think Tank Unit and Fortune Global 500 Enterprise visited Porter Group

——Warmly welcome the top management team of China Rise Financial Holding Investment Co.,LTD and Pacific International Construction Group to visit Porter Group

On Februray 16, at the invitation of Porter Group Limited(hereinafter referred to as Porter Group),Mr. Mei Dehui( Excutive Director of China Rise Financial Holding Investment Co.,LTD) and Mr. Song Shaoting,Board of Directors of Pacific International Construction Group visited Porter Group. Mr. Chen Zongjian, the Chief Architect of PORTER GROUP and leaders warmly received them and deeply discussed the topics of World Economy Pattern and Global New Economy development.

Pacific International Construction Group is an enterprise which as For the honor and glory of CPCG, we believe we are the people that of kindness yet courage, wisdom yet diligence as its core value and persists in Corporate Philosophy of Treating employee tolerantly so that the whole enterprise and society can be better off. As the first enterprise of China's private enterprises, Pacific International Construction Group is the 99th enterprise of FORTUNE AMERICAN Fortune Global 500 and the annual value of production is about 500 billion RMB.

Porter Group, a new economy complex operator and has listed in American(stock exchange code: ULNV). Porter Group will cooperate with global top hundred enterprises on global industries merger and acquisition ,capital operation and other fields.

On behalf of Porter Group,Mr. Chen Zongjian extended a warm welcome for Mr. Mei Dehui and Mr. Song Shaoting’s visit in the meeting. Mr. Mei Dehui and Mr. Song Shaoting spoke highly of Porter Group’s development and achievement,and the positive spirit of Porter people’s unity and hard work.They conveyed their expected  cooperation scope between two sides.

In the meeting, Mr. Chen Zongjian introduced Global New Economy Summit in 2017 and Protercity project and business model etc. to Mr. Mei Dehui and Mr. Song Shaoting. Mr. Song Shaoting spoke highly of the holding Global New Economy Summit and the coming influence and decided to participate in the summit.He also approved Protercity project and thought that there will be big cooperation space with Porter Group for the project from basic construction to operation. Mr. Chen ZongJian thanked for the deeply trust and strongly support from Mr. Mei Dehui and Mr. Song Shaoting, both sides could explore potential for cooperation and become business partners, develop global new economy business, set up global new economy layout and hand in hand, promote prosperity together.

Related brief introduction:

China Rise Financial Holding Investment Co.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as CRFH) is a state-owned enterprise, co-founded by Chinese national think tanks, national universities, financial institutions and research institutes. With the mission of inheriting Chinese cultural heritage and safeguarding human health. The vision is to lead the future development and enhance human well-being, the goal is to make cities better through gathering global wisdom. 

CRFH intends to explore the solutions of core issues with respect to economic development, social progress, ecological conservation, cultural heritage as well as integration & innovation. CRFH is devoted to becoming one of the world’s leading collaborative innovation operators, concentrated on“city, industry & finance”.

Pacific Construction Group was founded in 1995, is a private enterprise as infrastructure investment and construction as its core industry, which owns  multiple EPC A Quality Qualification and several professional A Quality Qualification for national highway, municipal administration project and water conservancy project ect. In the process of China’s urbanization and urban and rural integration. Pacific Construction Group Integrates resources, intelligence and capital to become the biggest urban operator in China, which to be one of Fortune Global 500 Enterprise, stands first in private entity enterprise in China and the private construction industry around the world.

Porter Group Limited(hereinafter referred to as Porter Group), is an enterprise which has listed in American(stock exchange code is ULNV). It is an O2O industrial and trading cluster and big data financial platform operator, under new economy globalization and big financial era, with industrial cluster as its foundation, commercial services as its tool, financial services as the core.