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World Harmony Foundation at the United Nations visited Porter Group

On March 10th, the top management of World Harmony Foundation visited Porter Group Limited((hereinafter referred to as Porter Group, is an enterprise which has listed in American(stock exchange code is ULNV). Mr. Chen Zongjian, the Chief Architect of Porter Group warmly received them and deeply discussed the bilateral cooperation.


The World Harmony Foundation was founded in July,2004, which is committed to build the world's harmony, peace and the maintenance of ecological balance and is a well-known organization that founded to promote world harmony at the United Nations.

On behalf of Porter Group,Mr. Chen Zongjian extended a warm welcome for the top of management of World Harmony Foundation’s visit in the meeting and had a brief introduction of Global New Economy Forum in 2017,  the Portercity project and other business development status. Based on the current world has entered information industry led new economic development era, Mr. Chen Zongjian looked forward to building strategic cooperation relations,taking full advantage of resources superiority in both sides field, increasing in new economy domain of thought research, informations, policies and regulations, summit, high-level personnel and other aspects of communication and cooperation and seeking the breakthrough and development under new economy background and to achieve the aims of win-win combination.